Some Company History
Kingslink had its humble beginnings in Australia in the early 1980's.  
We expanded our operation to America and incorporated in 1995 into
what eventually became our parent company.  
The original team of engineers, whom have been with us since our
inception, are still the nucleus of our creative think-tank and in this
very competitive industry, that is a rarity that we proudly proclaim.  

With an eye to the future of the fresh-cut industry, an industry that
was  in its infancy in the United States, our group of engineers in
Australia set out to design a complete line of equipment.  Mission
accomplished!  Our equipment performs with unparalleled speed and
efficiency, while keeping a simple mechanical design that is user
friendly and safe to operate.

Our mission statement

Kingslink will offer its clients the only clear alternative through
efficient, affordable, seamless solutions in automation.
About Our Company