Fruit Peeling Systems
Kingslink's line of fruit peeling systems allows your operation to
significantly lower labor costs while maintaining the same high level of
finished quality you enjoy today.
Melon Peeler
Peels and de-seeds 60+ melons/minute.
This equipment operates on the principle of a knife scooping
the flesh out of the skin producing a smooth surface.
Mango Peeler Slicer
The Kingslink mango peeler processes and slices 80+ mangos/min or
over 1200 lbs. of fresh mango per hour.  It has recently been
upgraded to peel whole cheeks.
Kingslink High Speed Mango Peeler.  
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The uniformity of the *slices make an ideal
product for dehydrating:

a) You will maintain a higher yield by not
having to put your
product through a
secondary slicing machine, where the          
yield loss can exceed 10%, as most slicers
on the market consistently shred some of
the fruit.

b) The consistency of the slices will give

you a uniform finished product minimizing
yield loss in the dehydrator.

c) You will have a premium                     
finished product.

* Slicing blades can be made to any width

Slices shown were cut through a 1/2"
blades set, the ideal for the Fresh-Cut
These mangoes were peeled and
sliced with a 7mm. blade set prior
to being dehydrated.

The uniformity of the cut allows for
an even dehydration of the mango
slices, which translates to savings of
yield, that would otherwise be burnt
and wasted due to uneven cuts by
most slicers.